Company History

The Company Today

Abode Renovation specialises in providing a broad range of services for our clients. The company has over 40 years’ experience in construction. Having held a long-term contract with the NHS we have provided a range of buildings and structures all around the country. We also work for commercially, industrial and retail companies throughout the West Midlands.

Our Social Values

We are a Stourbridge based, family owned business, which has been delivering construction projects all over the UK for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in supporting our local community and are an equal opportunities employer. We directly employ 5 local people, both professional and trades, with whom we seek to maximise their personal development by internal and external training to maintain current and gain additional qualifications. Indeed, investment in training has become a key quality control target.

Investment in our workforce is extremely important to us to maintain employee job satisfaction, but also ensures that the business grows organically through continued development and long term employment.  This increases efficiency, enabling us to be competitive, ensuring that we deliver quality construction projects for all our clients every time, and so that we continue to be a leading value for money business.

Wages are well in advance of the living wage and that in return helps us maintain a workforce which is skilled, experienced, and above all proud to work for the business. This commitment means we actively wish to retain our older employees, as they pass on valuable skills and experience to younger employees particularly those on company apprenticeships, and even local school children on work experience schemes under appropriate supervision.

In difficult economic times, we protect our employee’s welfare by finding work to keep them employed.  We have done this over many years by being flexible and adapting to changing markets, but also through our innovation to develop new opportunities and our desire to meet customer needs. Networking with local businesses in Staffordshire ensures that we are regularly updated on the changing economic environment.

We invest heavily in the infrastructure of the business to support our growth and to protect the core business practises, further supported by the long term relationships we have with our local suppliers and subcontractors, who we encourage to follow similar business practises to our own.

Strong financial control enables the long term vision to succeed, and having invested in the latest IT systems we ensure that we are a responsible business with regards to the payment of our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. We maintain a prudent approach on financial matters to ensure the long term security of the business, and to ensure that our payments are made on time.

Ethics are therefore a key aspect of our business. From the welfare of employees, the prevention of bribery and corruption, the pride in performance, the highest stakeholder satisfaction levels, the procurement of materials and the overall environmental impact of the business. Reduce, reuse and recycle is a core philosophy, and we aim to minimise our environmental footprint by promoting clean sites, vehicle sharing, good maintenance and waste management.

The business has grown strong over many years to put us a leader among our peers. We aim to continue to lead in the challenging times ahead by firmly supporting our business principles, the shared vision with our employees, stakeholders and the local community.